Green C88/C80 Raised Reflective Road Markers / Reflectors

green reflective road pavement reflectorsOur Green Model C88 / C80 markers from Stimsonite combine the durability of an injection-molded shell with a sturdy inert fill material and advanced optics to ensure high reflectivity.  Green markers normally designate that an area is “OK” for traffic. The Green C88/C80 Raised Pavement / Road Markers on this page are “two way” and are reflective from both directions. The markers measure 4″ x 4″ and are slightly less than 3/4″ tall. In high traffic areas, abrasion resistance is crucial to extending the service life of the marker. Our C88/C80 markers include a long-life abrasion resistant coating to extend the reflectivity of the marker over time. This provides the safest delineation to drivers in critical wet-night conditions.

The markers can be applied to asphalt or cement road surfaces using our Melt Down Thermoplastic Pads.  You can also purchase epoxy locally and apply them.  For wooden surfaces like railroad ties you can drill through the middle of the marker and screw them down.  For large application areas you can also use hot tar.

We sell the Green C88/C80 Markers in 2 configurations.  Marker only,  and marker with melt down thermoplastic pad. (See picture at bottom of page)

Our melt down 5 x 5 thermoplastic pads are more permanent.  To install just heat the surface, lay down the pad, continue heating until the pad is melted and then lightly press the marker into the center of the thermoplastic and let cool.