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Raised Pavement Markers are unique in that they can be both seen and felt day and night.  In heavy rain at night it is the reflective road marker that remains visible and guides you safely home.  When you drift toward the edge of the road, road markers get your attention as you feel your tires go over them.  Countless lives have been saved by these simple little markers.  This is true on the highways of the world and also in neighborhoods where the blue road markers are used to mark fire hydrants so that firemen can find water quickly and save both life and property.

We carry the Stimsonite C80 road markers in 7 different colors.  Stimsonite invented raised pavement markers and is the industry leader for this product.  The purpose of the different colors are outlined in an article accessible via this link.  Raised pavement markers (also known as reflective road markers or road studs) can be adhered to the pavement using several methods.   For  a long lasting application a melt down thermoplastic pad is available from our company.  Hot tar and epoxy are two other application methods.  Also, for a mechanical attachment, you can drill through the center of our markers and use a long screw to attach to wood or any other surface.  For rock or clay parking lots you can drill and then used a long peg to hold the marker in place.

We have an article to the right that discusses the pros and cons of the different application systems and adhesives.  Also to the right is an article that outlines what the different color markers are used for as well as alternative uses on private property.  The site is a subsidiary of Reflective Inc.  If you need to reach us you can click here for our contact information.

We keep the markers in stock and are normally able to ship the day the markers are ordered.   Orders are shipped via UPS Ground in most cases.  Small orders are sometimes shipped via US Priority Mail.